A message of hope for Kolton ….

sad boy #3HI, friends and readers:

A couple of days ago I posted a comment I received form a boy named Kolton who was feeling deeply depressed about his life as a closeted gay boy in a conservative community. Since then I have received many comments offering Kolton advice and encouragement, and today I thought I would post two of them. Here is the first, offered from Trey:


“You made a good choice to vent your issues with Martin’s site, as he
seems to be a well balanced and experienced individual.  It is good
that you report getting good grades, as this is very likely to mean
that you are employable.  You need to maintain the best relationship
you can with your family, but you need to move as soon as you can to a
more suitable location.  Getting a good job means income which leads
to freedom.  Money does not buy happiness, but it is in fact the
battery that stores opportunity.  Work smart and hard, and enjoy the
expanded choices and independence that income brings you.

sad boy #9“When you do move to Atlanta, or whatever more open minded locale you
might choose, please do not fall into the trap of totally identifying
yourself as a super gay boy.  Gay, straight, whatever, human sexuality
is just a part of the experience we are blessed with, and should not
totally define one’s existence.  Guys are pigs, and youth is a double
edged sword, so please be careful out there!

“I am 51 years old and still not totally out in all aspects of my life.
My career in aviation is a major limitation to being myself, although
it brings me more joy and happiness than you can imagine.  It is a
thrill to see how accepting of differences our society has become, and
I think you are very lucky to be the age you are.

sad boy #4“You will be so amazed when you find a partner that is on your
wavelength sexually, but is also so much more.  Know that there is
generally more than one intense relationship allocated for each
lifetime, and do not feel crushed for too long when ;your first one expires.

“In a tragedy that is often repeated, I spent all of my twinky years
not realizing that I was one.  So, without getting too carried away, I
recommend that you embrace it while you have it boy!  Also, glasses
can look pretty sexy, so do not worry about that.  We have had our ups
and downs, as people do, but I have been with my current BF for
fourteen years.

“I does get better.  Be smart, work hard, and help others every chance you get.”

Wow, thanks, Trey, for offering what I consider to be very good advice. I know Kolton much appreciates your taking the time to write.

Have a great Friday, everyone.


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