More encouragement for Kolton ….

Depressed teenager

Depressed teenager

Hi, friends and readers:

I want to share with you another message sent to the distressed gay teen named Kolton who wrote me earlier this week, lamenting the lonely life he leads. The measage s from Dalton, who I hear from once in a while. Here’s what Dalton had to say to Kolton, and I hope not only Kolton, but any depressed gay teens out there will read it in its entirety:

“Hi Martin! It has been a few years since I have last left a reply on here but I thought I should chime in on what Kolton wrote. I used to live in the small homogeneous town that I will always remember as the shit hole of Montana.

sad boy #11“I know exactly how Kolton feels too. I was basically ostracized in gym class, along with called a retard on top of that because I literally sucked at every sport. The worst part was when they would go to pick team members from the line. The only time I was not picked last was when someone who was even lower on the totem pole was still there.

“I fondly remember liking this one boy when I was a junior. I became friends with him through another friend in school. I went to his house a few times. Over a period of time I started to develop feelings for him but it was never reciprocated. When you fall in love hard, and I mean freaking hard, it takes a long ass time for you to get over that person. I think it might have taken me a year before I finally stopped having dreams about him.

bullied #2“Unfortunately I am still alone. I am currently a college student right now and when you make it to that stage of your life you are going to see so many damn hotties running around the halls that your eyes might pop out and try to follow them. Kolton, I ask that you hang in there. Don’t get any ideas of suicide attempts either. It is going to take an indefinite amount of time before you find your someone and I know because I still haven’t. I hope this little paragraph helped. Have a good day young one and enjoy what you have right now. I emphasize that because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.”

Well, Dalton, those certainly are wise words, spoken by someone who has clearly been in the same place Kolton is now. If you survived it all, then I know he can too. Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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