A guy with perfect balance; I’m off to a concert ….

balance #2Hi, friends and readers:

They say the secret to life is balance. You have to learn how to keep everything in the right place, and that may sound easy but it’s not. Life’s messy ….

Have a look at he young man to the left. I’d say he knows how to keep things in balance, and I’d like to see just how he’d move in the bedroom. 😉 I’m guessing he’d be a mattress acrobat, and wouldn’t that be fun …?

It has been a dreadful day here, if you’re talking weather: cold, damp and rainy. I couldn’t even take a walk for exercise today because conditions were so crappy. A bag boy at the supermarket escorted me to my car with a umbrella because the rain was falling so hard. (Sadly, he wasn’t cute.) 🙁

surfer #14Oh, if you want to talk about balance, try surfing sometime. I have surfed since I was a teenager, but my sense of balance sucks, so I could never do what the guy to the left is doing. (He’s barreled and “petting the kitty”, as they say.)

I spent most of my day editing my latest book, which I have not sold yet but anticipate getting an offer on soon. So it was a somewhat productive day despite the shitty weather. In a couple of hours from now my boyfriend and I will drive into the city to attend a live rock concert. I don’t know the name of the band, but they are fairly well known, so the concert should be good.

I love live music; it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself, so I am stoked. I think I might get a little buzzed tonight too. So I will open another beer and get myself ready for the evening. Have a nice Saturday night, everyone.

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