A message from a gay skateboarder I just had to share ….

skater pic #4Hi, friends and readers:

In 2008, when I started this website, which was formerly a blog, I used to post messages from gay boys who skateboarded. I kept it up for a couple of years until the flood of messages going back and forth became to much to handle, so I stopped posting the messages.

Of course I still hear from gay skateboarders all the time, and the essential message is still the same: the skateboarding subculture is not accepting of gay skaters. Period.

Well, yesterday among the many messages I received that were directed to Kolton was this one from Marcus who lives somewhere in South Dakota. He wouldn’t say exactly where, and I don’t blame him, but here’s what Marcus had to say:

“Hi Martin,

“I’m Marcus. I’m sixteen. I read the message you posted from Kolton, and also the responses you posted from others. I have also read your posts about gay skateboarders and they meant a lot to me because I skate and I am gay.

skater pic #11“Most gay skaters who send you messages have only negative shit to say, but not me. Okay, there’s a lot of hating on gays at our town’s skatepark. I hear the word faggot a lot. But a few months ago I met a guy named Blake at the skatepark. He moved to our town from the Chicago area and he is so cool and once we got to know each other I told him I was gay and he said he was cool with that and then, well, you know, we hooked up and now we are boyfriends

“Of course no one knows about this but me and Blake, but he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. We don’t go to the same school ’cause he’s Catholic and he goes to the Catholic high school, but I get see him every day after school. We might move to Chicago after we finish high school, I don’t know. But tell Kolton I said to hang tough. There might be someone like Blake in your town if you look hard enough. I’m happy and you can be too.”

skater pic #7H-m-m-m-m, who’d have guessed that a guy could find love at a South Dakota skatepark? But it’s encouraging to know that such things can happen in the skateboarding subculture.

On to other things … I stayed up late last night, working on a writing project, and then I slept in late this morning. Weather-wise it’s a crappy day on the island: rainy, cold, and overcast.  I’ll bundle up at some point, and then I’ll take a three-mile walk on the island. My boyfriend and I are attending a rock concert in downtown St. Petersburg tonight; that’s about all I have planned.

Have a nice Saturday, friends.


2 thoughts on “A message from a gay skateboarder I just had to share ….

  1. So good seeing very good looking lads of the day, so often it’s older men in the limelght or boys naked; not that I’m against showing naked lads! I do enjoy that sort of shoot as well, but sometimes leaving something for the imagination to work on is better!

    • Hello, Brendon:

      Thanks fr writing; I’m so glad you enjoy my website. You’re right, sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is far more sexy than naked flesh, although I’m not against a little nakedness now and then. 🙂


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