Beautiful boys getting wet; blustery night on the island ….

wet #9Hi, friends and readers:

How come water sheeting off a young man’s skin looks so sexy? I’ll never know, but it surely does, and I especially like the way the water enhances each guy’s skin. Yummy!

It’ hasn’t been a very interesting day for me. I’m not feeling well, and I spent most all day indoors, lying low. After lunch I did drag my butt down to the supermarket and the drug store, but that was about it.

wet #14Now it’s nighttime and my lovely boyfriend is home from school. He’s studying and I just finished working on a writing project that is coming along quite nicely. Outside the wind is howling and the temperature’s in the low 50’s. That’s cold for central Florida, and it;s way too chilly for us to even use the hot tub at our timeshare down the street tonight.

I’m making a special chicken dish for our diner tonight. Then, once my boyfriend finishes his studying I think we’ll watch a Netflix rental that came in the mail this afternoon. We can snuggle on the sofa while we enjoy the movie, and doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a pleasant Tuesday night, friends.

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