Hot guys wearing backpacks; chilly day on the island ….

backpack #9Hi, friends and readers:

I like the way a guy looks when he’s shirtless and wearing a backpack. I don’t know why it’s such a sexy look, but it most certainly is. Have a look at Mr. Black Swim Trunks to the left here. I could follow him  down the beach all day long …. 😉

The dinner party I attended last night was really interesting. About a dozen gay men gathered in a private dining room at one of our area’s swankiest hotels, a beauty dating back to the 1920’s that has been lovingly restored. The food was great and so was the service. Of course we had a lot of laughs, and drank a little wine with our meal.

Sadly, I woke this morning with a nasty cough, and feeling sort of weary. I thought I had rid myself of the cold I caught before leaving for Southern California two weeks ago, but it seems to have returned with a vengeance.

backpack #3I absolutely hate getting sick because it pretty much ruins everything: food, drink, exercise, all of it. All I want to do is sit around and feel crappy. I just took some cold medicine, and maybe it’ll help, but I may have to visit the doctor if this doesn’t improve rapidly.

By the way, don’t you like the way the guy to the left here is wearing his boardshorts so low on his hips? Aye-yi-yi,  I could follow him down the beach all day as well …. 😉

Outside it’s chilly and overcast, with a steady wind blowing out of the north. I won’t even be able to walk for exercise today because I feel so lousy. So I’ll just stay in the house  and work on a writing project. I have some tasty soup to warm up for my lunch, and when my boyfriend gets home maybe he’ll go to the supermarket with me to buy things we’ll need for the next few days.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends, wherever you might be today.

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