Beautiful guys in black-and-white; I’m up with The Midnight Disease ….

black and white beauty #12Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site then you know I am a huge fan of quality black-and-white photography because I thin it causes the viewer to focus solely on a photo’s subject instead of the colors involved in a color photo. The photos I have posted here this morning I have posted before but I am putting them up again because I love them so much.

The upper photo reminds me so much of a fraternity brother I knew in college. His name was Jerry. He was gentle natured and soft spoken.  I never heard Jerry utter an angry word. I was crazy in love with him–I was nineteen then–but I never told him that because being gay back then wasn’t acceptable in the fraternity world. I wonder where Jerry is today?

Salem School in GermanyThis second photo, by the late Will McBride, I adore for a couple of reasons. First, it’s over fifty years old, taken by the photographer at an exclusive boys school in southern Germany during the 1950’s, I think. It’s called the Salem School. I once met a German boy who went to school there, but he didn’t look as good as Mr. Water Can to the left here. Also, there is something very sensual about the photo, as we get to see these students doing something very private. It’s almost like we are intruding as viewers.

Will McBride was born in St. Louis but spent most of his life in Berlin, Germany, which is one of my favorite cities. McBride died about a year ago. 🙁

It’s quite early on Thursday morning, about five AM, but I am wide awake with The Midnight Disease, as writers call it. I wake up at some stupid hour and I know I won’t be going back to sleep anytime soon. So I get up and I turn on my computer, and then I write something until I get sleepy enough to go back to bed. This happens to me at least twice a month, and I have learned to just put up with it.

Have a nice Thursday morning, friends.

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