Nice T-shirt; nice day on the island ….

t-shirt #2Hi, friends and readers:

When I was college I owned a t-shirt that looked just like the one to the left, only it said, “Enjoy Cocaine”. Okay, that was the 1970’s when drugs were a primary source of entertainment for the youths of my generation. But now that it’s 2016, I’d say “Enjoy Cock” is more relevant, and it looks like the guy in the lower photo is doing just that. Go for it, pal …. 😉

Well, after I shared breakfast with my boyfriend, he left for school and I went back to bed for two hours. The combination of last night’s Midnight Disease and this lousy cold I have left me tired.  Now I am up again, and it looks like a nice day outside: sunny, dry and not too much wind.

dick lickSince I am still sick I’m limited on what I can do physically: no gym and no three-mile speed walks; I have to give my body a rest, especially since we’re spending the upcoming weekend at our fishing camp that is 75 miles north of here.

See the Under Armour under gear thew guy to the left is wearing. Well, I’ll probably be wearing mine this weekend because on Saturday night the temperature will drop to forty degrees F, and that’s cold for central Florida. I wonder if my boyfriend will want to lick me like that. (I sure hope so …)

Besides getting some edits done on a book I won’t do much today. I need to rest. But I will run a few errands after lunch in preparation for our fishing trip. And I’ll stop at the seafood market to buy fresh Gulf shrimp for our dinner tonight. Doesn’t that sound tasty?

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends, wherever you might be today. And don’t forget to enjoy cock. It’s important …. 😉

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