Beautiful blond guys; I’m off to the fishing camp ….

blond beauty #2Hi, friends and readers:

My taste in men runs to fair-skinned guys with dark hair and dark eyes, but I also appreciate the beauty of blond guys with blue eyes. If you’ve ever gone to a concert and viewed the crowd from above then you know dark-haired people outnumber blonds about ten-to-one, and I guess that’s part of the appeal of blond guys. Anyway, I know you’ll like the guys in today’s photo posts as much as I do. Given the choice I’m not sure which one I’d like to meet more. How about you?

blue-plaid-shirt #3I rose at eight this morning, and I have a busy day ahead of me. My boyfriend and I will visit our fishing camp for the weekend. It’s located on an island on a river, right where the river flows into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a beautiful and remote spot, very private. We have some mechanical work to do on the boat while we are up there, but we’ll also have plenty of time for fishing and drinking beer, which kind of go together “like peas and carrots”, as Forrest Gump would say.

It’s a beautiful day outside: sunny, cool and still. That’s perfect weather for boating and fishing. Right now my boyfriend is at work, so it’s my job to get us ready for our trip. That involves a trip to the bait shop and the supermarket. Then I have to load up the ice coolers and our waterproof tubs with food, clothes, linens, and beer. It’s time-consuming, and will take at least four or five hours, so I’d best get busy.

Have a nice Friday, everyone. I’ll post again on Sunday afternoon when we get home.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful blond guys; I’m off to the fishing camp ….

  1. Will you advise me? I sure like your writing and site pics. I remember that you replied to my last comment.. And now….. I want to write out several paragraphs of back story… And current situation. And ask you…. Plus community input for advice….. Is that okay?

    • Hi, Dalton:

      I met my boyfriend in an Internet chat room about eight years ago; I can’t recall which chat room it was. We traded IM’s and e-mails for nearly two years before we finally met in person. We have lived together 5-1/2 years. He’s a babe and a total sweetie.


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