Hot guys and their cameras; I’m back from the fishing camp ….

camera #8Hi, friends and readers:

Most selfies I come across don’t interest me, but when the guy in the photo is especially hot then I’ll sometimes post his photo. The two guys in tonight’s photo posts fit that description exactly. Of course I’m not a Chicago Bulls fan, but I’ll overlook Mr. Sexy’s cap to the left here, since he’s such a babe. I love the way he’s showing off his abs and his “Vee”. Yummy …. 😉

Our weekend at the fishing camp was enjoyable, but most all of it was dedicated to working on our boat and trailer. We needed to replace some parts, which involved pulling the boat out of the water and the marina so we could do the work on dry land. What we thought would take a few hours took most of the day, but at least the work is done. We had great weather, which enabled us to build an outdoor fire Friday night.

camera #6Check out Mr. Shirtless to the left here. I’ll bet he can do amazing things with that long tongue of his. And what a body. Aye-yi-yi  ….

I often wonder something when I see selfies like the ones I’ve posted here tonight. Who do these guys send the selfies to? Do they post them on Facebook or on hookup sites? Do they not realize the photos end up on all kinds of sites they might not like displaying them?

We returned home today around 3:30 PM, and now everything is put away and a load of laundry is spinning in the washing machine. I ran down to the seafood market on our island to buy fresh Gulf shrimp for tonight’s dinner. We have plenty of beer and wine in the fridge and its’ a beautiful evening here: cool, sunny and still. What could be better?

Sadly, this stinking head cold I’ve had for three weeks now continues to hang around, and I just can’t seem to shake it. If things don’t improve in he next couple of days I’ll have to visit the doctor to get things checked out.

Okay, everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. Enjoy your Sunday evening, wherever you might be tonight.


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