Getting naked outdoors; guys love it ….

naked at the beachHi, friends and readers:

There’s something very liberating about getting naked when you’re outdoors, even when you’re the only one around for miles. The feel of the sun’s warmth bathing your skin and the breeze blowing through your hair feels so natural. And you don’t miss the restriction of clothing one bit.

I have spent a good deal of time in western Europe, and over there they don’t give a shit about nudity in places like public parks of beaches. If you want to get naked, so what? I wonder why it can’t be that way in the U.S. ?

naked in natureCheck out Mr. Bubble Butt here to the left. You can tell he’s enjoying himself immensely, can’t you?

I spent a peaceful day, here on the island. The weather was so beautiful I opened all the doors and windows to let the breeze come through the house. I worked on submissions to literary agents. Then, after I met with our carpenter I took a three-mile walk on the beach, my first in days, due to the cold I’ve been suffering from.  The walk was great, and so many people from up north were lying in the sun. Unfortunately there weren’t any cute guys frolicking around naked. 🙁 I guess that’ll never happen on my island, not in my lifetime, anyway.

My boyfriend’s busy studying and after I finish this post I am going to spend a little time on our observation deck, watching sailboats cruise by our house while I listen t my I-pod and drink a beer or two.

Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone.

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