A pair of shirtless hotties; Martin’s feeling better ….

munich workerHi, friends and readers:

Check out the photo to the left. I guarantee you it was taken someplace in Germany, probably Munich. In Germany, construction workers usually wear what are called lotzhosen or “workpants”. They’re like bib overalls. But I have never seen a worker in Germany wear his without a shirt. It’s a great look, isn’t it? 😉

I rose around nine this morning, feeling much better than I have in weeks. I guess the antibiotic the doctor prescribed for my sinus infection is taking effect. I still don’t feel back to normal, of course, but at least I feel well enough to take a three-mile walk this afternoon.

mustangNow, check out this guy to the left here, showing off his car. Honestly, if he were my boyfriend he would never wear a shirt. And I’d even fill his gas tank for him if he’d take me for a ride with his shirt off and the stereo blaring AC/DC songs. Ah, I can only dream ….

It’s another beautiful day, here on the island: sunny, still and dry. The temperature’s about 72 degrees F, which is darned near perfect, in my opinion. I’ll spend the rest of my morning working on correspondence, and then after lunch I’ll take a three-mile walk. I need to visit the wine market as well, so I won’t be sedentary.

Okay, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing each of you a very pleasant Wednesday. And if you look as good as the guys in these photos, ditch your shirt. 🙂

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