More guys asleep; mob scene on the island ….

asleep #2Hi, friends and readers:

Since everyone raved about the “sleeping guys” photos I posted here this morning, I thought I’d post two more of my favorites. Nice ass on the guy to the left here, eh? I’d only wake him up for one reason, and that’s to crawl on top of him. I wonder if he’d mind?

It’s been a really pleasant day, here on the island. After I finished writing this morning I spent an hour on our screened back porch reading the Sunday newspaper. Lots of interesting stuff in there today. After lunch I took a brisk, three-mile walk. The day was beautiful and as a result I think half of St. Petersburg decided to visit our island. There wasn’t a single parking space empty out here and the lines of cars coming to and from the island were long. Any Spring Break hasn’t even started yet. 🙁

asleep #5Do you like the photo to the left here as much as I do? I’d be happy to crawl on top of him too. Imagine peeling those briefs down his powerful legs? Yummy …

I had a small sanding/painting project I wanted to get completed today, so after my walk I got out the electric sander, the paint, and the drop cloth. It only took me a half-hour to do the work, and now the ceiling area I repaired looks much better. We’d had a roof leak in that room that stained the ceiling, and now it’s hardly noticeable.

My boyfriend’s having dinner with a friend this evening, and I’m hosting an old friend of mine for dinner at my place. I’m preparing a special casserole, a recipe from my old Pennsylvania grandma who long ago left this earth. It’s a tasty dish nearly everyone loves. Before we dine we’ll ascend to our observation deck to watch all the power boats and sailboats cruise by on the Intracoastal Waterway. That’ll be nice.

Okay, everyone, I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine was. The weather has been killer good, and you can’t ask for more than that. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

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