Sexy boys fast asleep; another beautiful day on the island ….

asleepHi, friends and readers:

Ever walk into a room where a young guy is fast asleep? He always looks so vulnerable because his usual masculine defenses are not in gear. My freshman year of college I was assigned a dorm mate from Miami who looked kind of like the boy in the top photo I have posted here this morning. Sometimes I’d wake in the morning and he’d be lying in his bed in his briefs with the bed covers tossed aside and I’d just lie there and watch him for a little while. Mark, where are you now?

asleep #3We had a really nice time last night. Our picnic in the park on Tampa Bay was great, and so was the soccer match. There were so many cute guys at the match, and the vendors were selling tasty locally-brewed beer. I’m afraid our home team was playing out of their league (literally: NASL v. MLS) and we got smoked 3-0. But a bunch of our friends were there and we had a great time. The weather was perfect: cool, dry and still. And the crowd, as they always are at soccer matches, was friendly and having a good time.

It’s yet another perfect day weather-wise, here on the island. The sun is shining, the temperature’s around seventy degrees, and the wind is not blowing. We have our windows and doors open. At some point this afternoon I’ll take a three-mile walk so I can enjoy the day’s beauty.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Sexy boys fast asleep; another beautiful day on the island ….

  1. I’d let the top pic one have his way with me anytime he wants, as many times as possible…

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