Sexy surfers doing their thing; Martin’s off to a hockey game tonight ….

surfer-wetsuitHi, friends and readers:

I have surfed since I was a teenager. Back then we had decent surf at the beach I lived at, but not anymore. If a guy wants to surf he goes to the east coast, in my case that means Brevard Countyu, where there are decent waves.

Now, I’m not a good surfer, but I still enjoy the sport, even at my advanced age. And I also enjoy checking out all the sexy guys who are surfing beside me whenever I go over there. Surfers, on the whole, are a friendly bunch and they watch out for one another.

At this time of year the Atlantic Ocean is pretty chilly, so I have to wear a wetsuit like the one the guy in the upper photo is wearing. The suit keeps you as warm as toast, even on the coldest day. But I’m afraid I don’t look as good in mine as the guy in the upper photo does in his. Aye-yi-yi …. 😉

surfer #11I rose at seven this morning, when my boyfriend did. It wasn’t cold outside, so I decided to take a three-mile walk on the beach, which turned out to be really nice. The Gulf was calm and the wind wasn’t blowing, although the sky was overcast. Not many people were down at the shore.

By the time I got back home my boyfriend was off at school, so I got busy working on a new writing project I’ve just started. Now it’s almost eleven AM and the sun is shining. It’s going to be another beautiful day, here on the island. I have a carpenter coming today. He’ll do some repairs to our house that are necessary, and he’s also building us a new bookcase since all our other bookcases are completely full.

Tonight my boyfriend and I will attend a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game over in Tampa. I’m not really a hockey fan–I grew up in Florida, you see–but my boyfriend loves the sport since he grew up in Wisconsin. We’ll take barbeque and beer with us. We’ll set up our folding chairs and tailgate before the game, and it’ll all be fun.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.


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