Guys with beautiful lips; stormy morning on the island ….

lips #2Hi, friends and readers:

To me, kissing a cute guy is one of the most erotic acts I can think of, especially when he owns a pair of luscious lips like the guys in today’s photo posts. I mean, look at Mr. Blue Eyes to the left here. Imagine all the amazing things he could do to you with those lips. Yummy ….

I rose fairly early this morning because I had a doctor appointment in the city. When I left the house the rain was coming down in buckets, and it only intensified once I got on the road. When I reached the Interstate Highway I found it hard to see the cars around me, the rain was so intense. But I got where I needed to go, and now I’m home again.

lips #4The sky is still very overcast outside, and the air is damp, but at least it’s not cold. Since today is Wednesday I’ll drive back into the city right after lunch for a workout at the YMCA. I’m still taking antibiotics for the sinus infection I had, so I won’t swim laps until I’m sure it has cleared. Just being cautious there, you know.

By the way, the whole hockey experience in Tampa last night was a blast, everything from the tailgating before the game to the game itself. The Lightning won, which was nice, and a really cute guy sat next to me the entire game; he was nice but he had his girlfriend with him. 🙁

We don’t have much planned for this evening. I think I’ll prepare a fish dinner with fresh grouper from our island seafood market, and then if my boyfriend has time we’ll watch a Netflix rental. Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Guys with beautiful lips; stormy morning on the island ….

  1. Mr. First Pic Blue Eyes right here will probably not let me sleep tonight. He is pretty much the stuff some of my dreams are made of, yet something that prevents me from sleeping at night.

    Yes, waking up with a boyfriend by your side is wonderful (We will meet 18 years together in a few months, go figure), but fantasy always lingers around, and as long as every one has this cleverly on mind, there’s nothing wrong with flying up high with imagination, ain’t it?

    And you have been a wonderful friend, helping us fly everyday with words and images, making our days somewhat better by doing so. So nevermind my soon-to-happen lack of sleep, I will surely think warmly with my hands regarding Mr. Blue Eyes tonight, while being thankful to you my friend.

    Hugs, and best wishes ever!

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