Hot guys with rippling abs; chilly night on the island ….

abs #2Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the guy to the left. See how he’s showing off his rippling abdominal muscles? If he were here I would tell him, “You’d better enjoy those abs while you have them because in just a few years they are going to disappear.”

It’s a sad fact that only very young men, usually between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five, have defined abs. Once a guy hits his mid-twenties he’ll usually put a little weight on around his waist, and then it’s “goodbye abs.”

My abs disappeared right after I graduated from law school and I finally had enough money to eat decent food instead of starving. I guess I didn’t miss them much, since back then nobody cared if you had defined abs. Now having rippling abs is a status symbol. I see some boys at my gym who do nothing but ab exercises, which I think is going a little overboard, but whatever ….

abs #8I spent my entire afternoon today running errands and getting an eye exam. I went all over the place, and the traffic was terrible because the winter tourists and part-time snowbird residents are all here. But I got everything done and now I am home and showered. I have fresh grouper in the fridge for our dinner, which is the tastiest fish that dwells in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the steak of seafood, in my book. Outside a chilly wind is blowing so I doubt we’ll do anything outdoors tonight. Maybe we’ll watch a Netflix movie instead.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

2 thoughts on “Hot guys with rippling abs; chilly night on the island ….

  1. And every time you post the guy on the second photo, my imagination starts to fly, away, high and away.. on all the things I would do to him… Or let HIM do to ME!. Yes, back then rippling abs were not so hot (although I know I went mad beyond compare for a guy on my class -we were about 13- who was not too tall, but had the MOST perfect body you could imagine. Hazel dreamy eyes, black hair, that smirk… audacious, definitely sexy, like wanting to get in trouble but at the same time absolutely adorable…

    I tried to be his friend. Back then I was SO scared of acknowledging who I was and which were my feelings, that I hid them as hard as I could. For long years until I reached 23. I CRAVED this boy, and felt I could do nothing about it. Months later I had my first experience with another boy, definitely not even half as cute, but was “the one who was around and willing” and it kinda happened by itself. The kind of things that happen when you’re 13, when you are home alone for several hours and with a little alcohol…-. I had very few friends then, and it was really difficult for me to have any, since I was SO different from my peers, not only in what I felt inside, but in how I lived my life, as an early avid reader, the intellectual kind, not a jock by any means, a musician, into art and philosophy. Go figure.

    Thus beautiful boy eventually started to try to get me. In art class I found he destroyed one of my works and then hid the fact, but I knew it had been him afterwards, and he tried to put some kind of a war against me, commenting and mocking me. He even “played” with another boy by acting queer and then looking at me. Now, at 43, I’m really starting to wonder what all that pose really meant, and what it was very probably hiding….

    Well, see what those pics can do? 🙂 Thanks a lot my friend!!

    • Hi, Me Again:

      I really enjoyed reading your comment this morning. I suppose many gay boys go through the kind of experience you had. I know I did. 🙁 But we survived those teenage years, and I hope you are now happy with the life you are living. Thanks so much for writing.


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