Sexy boys ready for action; windy day on the island ….

on the bedHi, friends and readers:

When a young man is ready for some bedroom gymnastics he knows just how to let you know. It’s all about body language and positioning. Any doubt what the young man in the upper photo wants to do? U-m-m, no. He’s making himself very clear, isn’t he? Now it’s your job to make him happy, and won’t that be fun?

I slept in very late this morning. Believe it or not I think I am still suffering from lingering effects of my head cold/sinus infection I contracted way back at the end of January. Anyway, I finally got up around ten AM, and now it’s past eleven.

on the bed #3Outside the sun is shining but the wind is blowing pretty hard and the air temperature is a bit on the chilly side. I have a number of errands I will need to run this afternoon, including an eye exam, since I’m finding it hard to read the newspaper without squinting these days. 🙁

I need to hit the wine market, the seafood market, and Home Depot while I am out, so I will spend most of my afternoon running around. Sometime today I want to take a three-mile  walk, here on the island, maybe when I return from my errands.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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