Sexy, shirtless guys; typical Friday in store for Martin ….

shirtless #21Hi, friends and readers:

Some guts aren’t meant to wear shirts, at least in their youth. Why cover up all that smooth and muscled flesh? Check our Mr. Spiky Hair to the left here. If he were your boyfriend would you let him wear a shirt when he was at home? Of course you wouldn’t. 😉

By the way, even aside from the model’s beauty it’s a nice photo to the left. Notice how the lighting comes from below so it captures every muscle in the guy’s torso and arms? Lovely ….

I was out of bed by seven AM this morning, and feeling much better than I did yesterday. I think I am almost out of the woods regarding the head cold/sinus infection I’ve battled with for a month. My boyfriend has to work a full day in his law clerking job today, so I cooked him a nice hot breakfast before he left this morning. He seemed to enjoy it.

shirtless #22Check out Mr. Pumped-Up  Pecs, here to the left. Check out those chiseled abs. What a babe …. 🙂

After my boyfriend left I got busy on my new work-in-progress. It’s a novel about two characters who are complete opposites. They are traveling cross-country in a panel van, and I have no idea how the whole thing will shake out, but I have a feeling thing will get interesting once they get to know each other better. Their trip will take them from Orlando, FL to San Jose, CA. If you have ever driven cross-country with another person, then you know how intense things can be when you’re together with that person every waking minute of the day.

Today will be a typical Friday for me. In a few minutes I will go for a three-mile walk, here on the island. Then, after lunch, I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout. I’ll grab some beer on the way home, and then I’ll make a nice meal for myself and my boyfriend this evening.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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