Do you have a foot fetish? Hey, it’s cool ….

feet #2Hi, friends and readers:

When I was vacationing in Budapest many years ago, I visited a gay bar, where I met a very attractive Frenchman from Paris. His name was Mark. He had beautiful, dark hair and eyes, and he spoke perfect English. When I invited him back to my hotel he said, “I must tell you something: I like to suck feet.”

Well, I was a bit surprised because he seemed to sophisticated, and then I thought, “What the hell.” So I told him, “That’s fine. You can do that with me.”

The experience was great, actually. He spent about forty-five minutes licking my feet, even between the toes, and then he sucked each toe for the longest time. It felt wonderful, plus I could tell he was enjoying himself immensely, which made me feel good.

feet #3I’m a top man, so eventually I fucked Mark in his back with his the backs of his knees resting on my shoulders, my favorite position. I shot a load that could have sired triplets, and then Mark jerked off while sniffing one of my running shoes that were a bit stinky.

After I returned to the states I kept in touch with Mark for a while. We even discussed him visiting me in Florida, but it never came about. 🙁 Anyway, I’ll always remember that night in Budapest, and the way it felt so good to have Mark worshiping my feet. Mark, where are you today?

It’s a sunny day, here on the island, but today the high temperature will only reach about 62 degrees F, and that’s pretty chilly for central Florida. I have a painting project I need to tackle today, so I’ll be inside anyway. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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