Beautiful Evan Geiselman; beautiful night on the island ….

evan geiselman #4Hi, friends and readers:

The beautiful guy you see to the left here is none other than Evan Geiselman, a world-class surfer from New Smyrna Beach, FL who, as you can see, is a total babe. I understand his nickname on the surfing tour is “Geiselfuck”, but I’m not sure why he was given the nickname. Maybe because he gets laid a lot? Or maybe because he’s such a great bedroom performer. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Evan’s, and not just because he’s so hot, but he’s one kickass surfer.

Oh, you can see a sweet C/W video of Geiselfuck right here:

evan geiselmanOnce I got my ass out of bed this morning and I got myself busy on my painting project, I started feeling better. When I was done painting my boyfriend took a three mile walk on the beach with me, which was pretty amazing because the weather today was just perfect: 75 degrees F, no wind, and a cloudless sky. The beach was packed, of course, but our Spring Breakers have not arrived yet so most of the beachgoers were not college students. 🙁

Anyway, our walk refreshed me, and then I spent an hour reading the Sunday newspaper on our screened back porch. It was so nice back there with the patio fountain gurgling. I love this time of year in central Florida; I wish it could stay like this all year. Now I have just grabbed a shower and I’m savoring a cold beer as I write these words. We have our doors and windows open and in just a little while I think I’ll ascend to our observation deck before the sun goes down.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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