Slender and sexy; painting project is done ….

slender #2Hi, friends and readers:

Every time I post photos of very slender guys I always hear from those of you who specifically love skinny boys and men. It’s a taste I can certainly relate to; I’ve had my share of skinny guys in the bedroom, and they can be quite fun. You don’t need a lot of muscle to be a good lover.

When I was a college freshman I was 6’1″ tall but I only weighed 155 pounds; I was skinny as a scarecrow and I didn’t like the way I looked. But not long ago I saw a photo taken of me when I was eighteen, and I actually looked kind of sexy. Ah, the good old days.

Much of my afternoon was consumed by taking my neighbor to and form her doctor, and waiting while she was seen. But I felt good about doing it. When I got home I took a quick, three-mile walk, and then I got busy on my painting project. Now it’s done; the paint I applied today needs to dry overnight, and then we’ll install the bookcase against a living room wall.

slender #3Somebody recently asked me why I don’t switch to digital books so I won’t need so much bookcase space. Well, even though 80% of my books that are sold are sold in digital format, I still like print books. That’s just me.

Oh, do you find the guy to the left here sexy? Well do. I’ll bet he’d be a wild man in the sack. Yummy …. 😉

I’m freshly showered now, and I’m ready for a quiet evening at home. I’m sipping from a cold bottle of beer and looking forward to my boyfriend coming home from school. I’m preparing spaghetti and salad for our dinner tonight, which is actually one of my favorite meals when I add our homegrown herbs to the sauce. I have a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to serve with the meal, so I’m in the mood for Italian.

Okay, everyone, I hope you enjoyed the “skinny guy” photos, and wherever you are I hope you’ll have a nice Monday evening.

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