A day of BMXers; another pretty day on the island ….

bmx #2Hi, friends and readers:

I suppose BMXers and skateboarders have a lot in common. Both are sports that not many people participate in. The guys are usually nonconformists; they don’t care about fashion or their hairstyles, and they don’t much care what people think of them. They’re just off in their own world.

BMXers tend to be slender and shaggy-haired, and they don’t often wear shirts; I’m not sure why. But maybe I should visit a BMX track one day, just to find out a little bit more about the subculture.

do know there are gay boys/men who BMX because I have heard from them on this site before. The ones I have heard from tell me that BMXers are not all that gay-friendly, so it’s best not to discuss your sexuality if you want to be accepted at the track. I think that’s kind of sad, but it doesn’t surprise me. Skateboarders often tell me the same thing.

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I got out of bed at seven AM after lying under the covers wide awake for over an hour.I don’t know why I was so ready to get on with the day. But I made a pot of coffee and wished my boyfriend a good day at school, and then I got busy working on my new novel-in-progress. I wrote for two hours, nonstop, and now I’m done writing for the day.

Outside it’s another beautiful day: sunny, cool and still. The high today will be 73 degrees F, which I consider the perfect temperature. After I’m done posting here I plan to take a three-mile walk, here on the island, just to savor the beauty of the day. Then I’ll enjoy lunch with my boyfriend before I run errands: wine market, CVS, and the supermarket. I also need to spend some time submitting two of my books to literary agents and publishers, so I will stay busy.

This coming Friday my boyfriend and I will depart town to spend five nights at our fishing camp, which is about 75 miles north of here. Next week is my boyfriend’s spring break form school, and it’s the first real break he’s had since the holidays back in December/January. I’m really looking forward to being up there.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone.

3 thoughts on “A day of BMXers; another pretty day on the island ….

  1. Continuing with the BMX photo trilogy, the top photo is the only one of the three where the subject interacts with the camera. He looks like the cool kid that’s willing to hang out with you while you guys are messing around on your bikes on the grounds of what looks like an old school or abandoned factory. The bottom photo captures the athletic aspect of BMX most clearly. The subject is resting, sweaty, having to drink water, and shows a lean body like that of a wolf or tiger.

    It is unfortunate that the BMX and skateboard cultures are homophobic, since one might think gay youths might fit in with their nonconformity better than with, say, the high school jocks. But I guess that being (or thought of being) gay is still the great untouchable category. No boy wants to be banished. Plus, it would be nice for our youths to make friends or hook up in their natural environment, just like everybody else.

    • Hi, John:

      Yes, of all the four BMX photos I posted I liked the one where the boy’s looking at the camera. He’s a classic BMXer who is likely an outsider at school. He probably masks a sensitive side behind a facade of coolness and toughness. Thanks for writing.


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