More BMXers; Martin’s headed for the deck ….

bmx #4Hi, friends and readers:

Since so many of you liked the BMXer photos I posted this morning, I thought I’d post two more this evening. Okay, I don’t think you’d see the boy to the left at the track, at least not in that outfit, but he sure looks good perched on that bike, doesn;t he?

I’ve had a busy afternoon. After lunch I hit the wine market, CVS drug store, and the supermarket. I came home and performed yard work for a couple of hours, and then, after my boyfriend and I installed the newly-painted bookcase, I filled the case with books. It looks great in our living room. 🙂

We had a beautiful day, weather-wise, and it’s going to be a pretty evening too. Our island was mobbed with tourists today, and who could blame them? The sun shone, there was no wind, and the air temperature was perfect.

Teenage Boy with Bicycle --- Image by © Cameron/Corbis

Teenage Boy with Bicycle — Image by © Cameron/Corbis

In about a week our island will be invaded by waves of Spring Breakers, tons of college kids from all over the eastern U.S. who drive down to enjoy our wonderful weather. I always look forward to Spring Break because the college boys show up in droves. They parade down the beach wearing nothing but swim trunks and their sleek bodies are simply amazing to view.

Since it’s such a pretty evening tonight, I’m going to ascend to our observation deck in just a few minutes, with two bottles of cold beer in tow. I will listen to my I-pod and drink my beers while I watch oats cruise past our house in the Intracoastal Waterway. It’s a beautiful way to start my evening. When the beer’s gone I’ll come back downstairs and get our dinner going.

I’m sorry if you’re in a place tonight where the weather isn’t as good as it is here in central Florida, but maybe you should book a flight to come down here and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends.

4 thoughts on “More BMXers; Martin’s headed for the deck ….

  1. Did you notice how similar the bottom photo and the two pics in your earlier BMX post are? That is, similar and yet different. This photo has an almost haunting quality about it. The boy is on a long road in the middle of nowhere. His healthy body indicates he is without need, at least physically. Is he trying to get somewhere, or is he trying to get away from civilization, so he can be with himself? Will he be eating a home-cooked meal from Mom in a couple of hours? There’s something appealing about the loner aspect here.

    • Hi, John:

      Yes the bottom photo caught my attention the first time I saw it, which was a few years ago. There’s a bleakness in the boy’s surroundings, but he doesn’t seem in distress and he looks quite healthy. I’m guessing it was shot in a prairie state in the Midwest or the Far West, or maybe even Texas. It’s a very fine photo, in my view.


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