More guys in a-shirts; quiet night in store for Martin ….

a-shirt #3Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I guess you guys enjoyed the “hot guys in a-shirts” photos I put up this morning, so I am giving you two more to spice up your evening. See the guy to the left? Wouldn’t you like to lick his belly and twirl your tongue inside his navel? And then you could travel southward …. Yummy, 😉

I had a good workout at the YMCA, and the I completed all the errands I need to run afterward. It involved a fair amount of driving, but I managed to get home by 4:30 PM, before rush hour picked up.

I just crawled out of a hot shower, and now I am ready for a relaxing evening. Wednesdays my boyfriend has a night seminar at his school, so I’ll spend the next few hours alone, and that’s okay. I have much to do in the writing department that will keep me busy,

a-shirt #4Several people wrote me to ask about the video I provided a link to in an early-morning post today. They all asked me what I liked so much about the video. U-m-m, first of all the guy was super cute, although undoubtedly straight. I mean, did you check out his lips? They are perfect DSLs. His cock is quite nice too. And then there’s the whole risk-taking involved when jerking off in a public place. It’s just a great video clip, in my opinion.

Guess what I am listening to as I write these words? It’s a Jefferson Airplane LP made in 1969 titled After Bathing at Baxters. It’s one of the Airplane’s earliest albums and also one of their best, in my opinion. I know it might seem odd that I am listening to an album made almost fifty years ago by a band that no longer exists. (The band’s leader, Paul Kantner, recently died at the age of seventy-four.) But I still enjoy listening to the album every now and then. It’s very psychedelic.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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