Guys in backward ball caps; Martin’s going fishing. Link to a sexy video ….

ball cap backward #7Hi, friends and readers:

I love the way certain young men look when they wear their ball caps backward, but I don’t really know why. I guess the backward thing lends them an air of irreverence or playfulness. Anyway, I think the two guys in today’s photo posts look pretty hot in their hats. Don’t you? I mean, check out the lips on the guy in the upper photo. They are perfect DSL’s. And I like his blue eyes too. I wonder what his name is and where he lives?

ball cap backward #3As mentioned in yesterday’s post I am leaving town today to spend five nights at our fishing camp, about 75 miles north of here. This morning I have to load up our ice coolers with food and drink, and I have to pack our clothing and other materials into waterproof tubs for the boat trip up the river. I have to gather our boat equipment we keep here, and also our fishing tackle. It all requires a good deal of planning, so I will stay busy.

My boyfriend’s due home form work around one PM, and then we’ll load up the Element and hit the road. It’ll be a fun time, but you won’t be hearing from me until next Thursday because we don’t have Internet service at the camp; it’s in a very remote place, so you’ll have to survive without me.

As a departing gift to all of you, I’m going to provide you with a link to a very sexy video clip starring a guy wearing his ball cap backward, but wearing nothing else. It’s pretty sexy, so if you are over eighteen you might want to have a look:

Enjoy, friends ….

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