A new photo of the “beautiful rent boy” surfaces ….

rent boy #2Hi, friends and readers:

A while back I posted a photo of a youth who I felt quite certain was a rent boy from Latin America. I had never seen any more photos of the young man until I came across this one to the left, yesterday. I find the photo both deeply erotic and stunning in quality. I wonder who the photographer was and whether the model was really a rent boy. When I used to spend my summers in Berlin, where prostitution is legal, I often patronized rent boys, and I can tell you they have a certain look to them.

rent boyHere’s the photo I posted originally. I know the two are similar, but they are also slightly different. Notice how the boy is grabbing his crotch in the top photo while, in the lower photo his jeans are unzipped to show off his red briefs?

Well, we got our errands done this afternoon and I’ve just about finished with my edits on my new novel that’s coming out soon. It’s a huge book, 120,000 words, and the main characters are young gay men. The book examines the relationship between astrology, mysticism, and neo-Nazism. I read a rather lengthy history book on the topic, and that’s what inspired my novel.

It’s a beautiful evening, here on the island. As predicted, the Spring Breakers and northern tourists mobbed our beach today; there wasn’t a single parking space left, not anywhere. A nice breeze has been blowing all day; it has kept things cool on a day when the high temperature climbed to 83 degrees F, pretty warm for mid-March, even by Florida standards.

All right, everyone. It’s the weekend; it’s time to have some fun. Have a wonderful Saturday night, wherever you might be.

***Update on 3/13/16: My friend Jakes, who writes to me from time to time, provided me a link to a photographer’s website where many more photos of “the beautiful rent boy” can be seen. The boy’s name is Oscar. Here’s the link:


Thanks, Jakes. 🙂

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