Lover boys getting close; beautiful day on the island ….

lover boys #18Hi, friends and readers:

I always enjoy photos of gay couples enjoying themselves, just doing the ordinary things in life together. And I especially like the two I have posted here this morning.

Look at the boys in the top photo. Aren’t they beautiful? And don’t they look happy together? Who could blame them for being happy?

I rose at seven AM this morning, to take a three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions were beautiful down there: cool, sunny and still. The Gulf of Mexico was as calm as glass. Few people were at the shore and I walked in silence, just thinking about the book I will soon have published.

lover boys #17Once I returned to the house I got busy working on the edits of my new book. These will be the final edits, and then the book will go to the proofreaders for one last go-over before it goes to publication. This is always a tense but exciting time for an author because is creation is about to leave his hands and go before the public.

Oh, see the photo to the left here. It was sent to me by the boys in the photo, several years ago. Their names were Timmy and Raven. Don’t they look happy in each other’s arms?

It’s almost lunchtime now, and after my boyfriend and I share a nice meal we will run a few errands before returning home to enjoy the remainder of the day. It’s warming up outside and I expect large crowds to swarm our beach. Maybe I’ll take another walk along the shore this afternoon, to check out the young men.

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