Slender, sexy guys; breezy day on the island ….

on the phoneHi, friends and readers:

I have varied tastes when it comes to young men. Sure, I like guys with some muscle on them; they look so hot when they’re strolling in their swimsuits on the beach near our house. But I like slender guys too. During my life I’ve had several skinny boyfriends and I always found sex with them highly erotic. I mean, check out Mr. I’m On The Phone to the left here. How’d you like to peel those sleep pants off him and toss him onto that bed in the background. I’ll bet he’d be a handful …. 😉

We switched to Daylight Savings Time in Florida at two this morning, meaning the clock jumped ahead an hour. I forgot about this when I set my alarm last night. As a result, when my alarm went off this morning the time was already eight AM. By the time I got back from a three-mile walk on the beach the time was around 9:30 AM, so I got a late start on my novel editing. G-r-r-r-r ….

slender #5Now it’s past noon, but it still looks like morning outside. These time changes always take me a few weeks to adjust to. In the meanwhile my sleeping will be all screwed up. 🙁

Now, have a look at the black-and-white photo to the left. A young man can only have a body like that for a few years, when he’s in his late teens and early twenties. I think he’s beautiful. Do you agree?

Most of my day will be consumed with editing, as I promised my editor I’d get her my edits no later than this evening so she can meet her deadline. I don’t mind, really; I like editing, but it’s very time-consuming.

My poor boyfriend is slaving away on a paper for one of his classes; he’s busy as well. So there won’t be a lot of time for fun today. It’s okay, we just had a great week at our fishing camp, so now we have to be industrious. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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  1. Hi Martin, I really love your pics and I need to find a book store to buy your books. We like the same beautiful guys although I’m not as lucky as you to have found my own yet. It will happen in time. Regards and love from South Africa. Love your stories

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