Boys getting wet; foggy morning on the island ….

bath tubHi, friends and readers:

For some reason good-looking guy look even sexier when they’re all wet; I don’t know why but it’s true. I mean, have a look at the photo to the left. If he asked you to join him in that tub, would you?

Of course you would. I’ll bet you’d even scrub his back for him …. 😉

I rose a little before eight this morning, and the fog on our island was so thick I could barely see the Gulf of Mexico when I took my three-mile walk along the beach. We get a lot of fog at this time of year because the days are warm but the Gulf water remains chilly, so you have a clash of temperatures and that creates the fog. (Weather lesson over ….)

The fog didn’t bother me; I kind of like foggy weather; it gives everything an intimate feel, and it seems to quiet things down, too. I got back to the house about nine AM, and after a quick breakfast I got busy working on my new novel-in-progress, which is just getting started.

wet #13Do you find the guy to the left as beautiful as I do? I remember when I first saw this photo,  a few years back, and I was stunned by how lovely the young man looked as he drenched himself. Notice how the water makes his briefs almost transparent? Yummy …. 😉

It’s almost lunchtime now, and this is the one weekday when my boyfriend gets home form school right around 12:30 PM. I’ll wait to have lunch with him, and then we both need to vote in the Democratic presidential primary at a building not far from here. And no, I’m not going to say who I’ll vote for. I don’t like to inject politics into this site. But I will tell you that I never miss a chance to vote; I think it’s important.

After we vote I have to visit city hall to pick up parking passes for our seasonal renters next door. Then I’ll come back home and probably do some submitting to literary agents and publishers. That’s keep me busy till dinnertime.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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