More boys at the beach; quiet night in store for Martin ….

beach boy #4Hi, friends and readers:

Check out this guy to the left here, with his big bottle of 7Up. If he’s a Spring Breaker he’s no doubt mixing the 7Up with some sort of liquor. Some of these Breakers tend to over-indulge and you’ll sometimes see them stumbling down the beach or even passed out on their beach blanket. If I found him passed out, I can think of one or two things I’d love to do with him . 😉

Well, I had a decent workout at the YMCA but  skipped swimming laps because I’m still suffering some lingering effects of my sinus infection. I hit the supermarket on the way home for a few things we needed, and now I’m home. As mentioned in this morning’s post my boyfriend is attending a St. Patty’s Day party in Tampa tonight, and he’ll spend the night over there so he doesn’t have to drive home. (Smart move.)

beach boy #11I’m staying right here on the island. Too many amateur drinkers will be on the road tonight. I’ll probably share a bottle of wine on my deck with my good friend and neighbor, and then I’ll fix a simple dinner for myself. That may not sound too exciting but it’s fine with me.

Oh, don;t you think Mr. Soccer Ball to the left here is cute as hell. I could watch him kick that ball around on the sand all day long. He has such nice hair and skin, and just the kind of build I like on a guy his age: not too beefy and not too skinny. Just right ….

It’s really nice outside right now. The fog we had this morning long ago lifted and the sun is shining. There’s a light breeze blowing and the temperature’s around 78 degrees. It’s perfect Spring Break weather for the college boys and I know they’re enjoying it just as much as I am enjoying watching them. 🙂 All right, everyone, have a nice Thursday night, wherever you might be.

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