More hot guys at the beach; my tongue has scrape marks on it ….

beach boy #6Hi, friends and readers:

Right around two PM today I put on some swim trunks, and then I walked down the street to our beautiful, white sand beach to take a three-mile walk. When I got down there the shoreline was mobbed with people savoring the beautiful, sunny weather. Of course, a lot of Spring Breakers were down there, strutting around in their swim trunks and looking so hot I think my tongue was dragging along the sand as I walked. Are those scrape marks on my tongue?

I mean, I saw this one guy with his girlfriend who looked as good as any guy’s photo that I have posted here today:cute as hell, slender, with just the right amount of muscle. I wanted to grab him and drag him back up to the house but I don’t think his girlfriend would have approved, so I refrained from doing so. I probably would have met with some resistance from him anyway. šŸ™

beach boy #3So the beach walk was delightful; I hated to see it come to an end. But, as planned, I drove myself into town to shop for a new swimsuit for this beach Ā season, and I found just what I wanted, a traditional pair of swim trunks made by Speedo. They not as long as boardshorts, they have a liner, they are made of very light, fast-dry material, and they’re bright red. You just watch: I’m going to knock them dead at the shore this Spring. If only Mr. Sunglasses in the lower photo here were down atĀ ourĀ beach right now, I’d run down there in my new suit and see if I could seduce him. Isn’t he cute?

I talked to my boyfriend on the phone as he was leaving his part-time job a little while ago. He was still pretty hungover from his St. Patty’s Day partying last night, so I think we have a tame evening ahead of us, which is fine.

Have nice Friday night, everyone.

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