A boyfriend in your bed; I’m back from an arduous road trip ….

boyfriend in bed #6Hi, friends and readers:

There’s nothing better than sharing a bed with your boyfriend, whether you’re talking sex or just sleeping next to each other at night. I especially like waking up next to my boyfriend in the morning, and giving him a good morning smooch on the cheek. He always looks so cute when he’s lying there, and I just can’t resist. I might squeeze his butt cheek too, if I’m in the mood, which I usually am. 😉

boyfriend in bed #17I didn’t post for the past two days for a reason. A man I’ve been close to for over thirty years died unexpectedly this past Thursday, and his funeral was held yesterday, way up in the Florida Panhandle. Saturday, I drove 8-1/2 hours up there, and today I made the same drive back home. I’m glad I was there to offer my support, but I am pretty tired as I write these words. It was especially hard having to make those drives by myself because I had no one to talk to.  And my poor little Element got quite the workout, but it performed well.

Now I am home with my lovely boyfriend, and it is actually kind of chilly outdoors. A cold front swept through Florida last night, so I guess we’re not done with cool weather just yet, and that’s fine with me.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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