Best friends with their cameras; beautiful evening on the island ….

best friends #6Hi, friends and readers:

I think it’s funny how young guys these days like to ditch their clothes (at least some of them, anyway) and then take selfies of themselves they can post wherever. The guys in tonight’s photo look like they’re having fun, don’t they? Check out Mr. Shaka Signs in the foreground of the photo to the left. He looks pretty good in those boxer briefs, doesn’t he? I wonder if his friend there secretly lusts for him?

I got off to a slow start this morning; I was weary from my weekend travels, I guess. But I got busy as the morning wore on, making phone calls to repair people and others who needed to get things done at our house. Then I ran errands to the wine market and the supermarket to re-stock our shelves and fridge. When I got back I went for a brisk three-mile walk, and then I met with a guy who’s giving us estimates on replacing our 12-year-old air conditioning system.

best friends #5In Florida, your a/c is just as important as your heating system is up north. You’ve got to have a good one that’s efficient and quiet and keeps the humidity down. Replacing our is going to be expensive, but the savings in electricity will eventually pay for the system over the next ten years.

Oh, and I know the boy to the left in the lower photo isn’t too pretty, but his friend sure is. Wouldn’t you like to have the guy on the right wander around your house shirtless for a day? Maybe you could convince him to ditch his shorts, too. But I’d definitely make him keep the backward ball cap on. Cute ….

It’ll be a quiet evening, here on the island, for my boyfriend and me. The weather is just perfect: sunny and still, with the temperature in the mid-70’s and low humidity. I plan to spend a little time on our observation deck about an hour from now, so I can watch the sailboats cruise by our house. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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