Beautiful Brent Corrigan: a set of sexy video clips for your pleasure ….

brent corrigan #5Hi, friends and readers:

The boy you see to the left here is Brent Corrigan, the porn actor. At the age of seventeen Brent moved to L.A. to live with his mother, but things didn’t work out and he ended up “on his own”, as they say. He met a gay porn producer who convinced Brent to perform in a video and the rest is history. All of that happened about ten years ago. Brent continues to make porn videos, and I once met him at a gay bar here in Florida, where he was making a celebrity appearance. He was actually very nice and polite. He’s also only about 5’6″, which took me by surprise.

Anyway, yesterday I came across clips from a Brent Corrigan video that must have been one of his earliest because he looks so young. If you look carefully at the clips you’ll see Brent is wearing the same necklace he’s wearing in the photo I posted here. If you are over the age of eighteen and male nudity doesn’t offend you, here’s a link to the clips:

All I can say is … aye-yi-yi.

Enjoy, guys …. 😉

*** Update on 4/5/16: Here’s yet another early Brent Corrigan video clip that will get your juices flowing:

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