My favorite swimmer, all grown up ….

pool boy #3Hi, friends and readers:

If you checked out the swimmer in my morning post today, and you liked him as much as I do, then you’ll probably find the photo to the left pretty hot as well. That’s our boy, all grown up and looking studly as hell. He looks good in a suntan, doesn’t he? And his hair looks better too. But I still liked him better in his earlier photos. 🙁

I had a good workout at the YMCA this afternoon but I didn’t get to swim laps because they closed the pool due to lightning in the area. (That’s really dumb because it’s an indoor pool, but that’s the YMCA for you.) Afterward I visited my CPA to give him the papers necessary to prepare my 2015 tax return, and then I hit Home Depot to buy shrubbery fertilizer. It’ll be my weekend project to fertilize all the shrubs on our property that I didn’t do yesterday afternoon.

As mentioned this morning, I am having two friends over for a few beers, and then we’ll go out to dinner, here on the island, at a waterfront restaurant I always enjoy visiting. Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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