Beautiful guys with blue eyes; another night with the Midnight Disease ….

blue eyes #4Hi, friends and readers:

I am mainly into guys with dark eyes. A guy with eyes the color of coffee will make me weak in the knees; that’s my thing. But I certainly understand the appeal of a young man with blue eyes, which come from a recessive gene and are somewhat rare. Tell me you would not want to spend a night with Mr. Camouflage Jacket to the left. I could stare into his eyes all night. And I wonder what sort of thing he could do with that tongue? Aye-yi-yi ….

So, once again I am up with the “Midnight Disease”, as one of my favorite writers, Michael Chabon, calls it. I woke up at 3:30 AM feeling restless as hell, and in no mood to sleep for a while. So here I am at the keyboard, trying not to make too much noise so I don’t disturb my boyfriend.

blue eyes #3Have a look at the boy to the left. Yes, he is young. And yes, he has a pair of the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. But recently I received a message via this site from a guy in Europe, I believe in Slovokia, who actually knew this boy. He told me the boy is now dead, I believe from a drug overdose, which I find incredibly depressing. What a waste.

I used to visit Prague every summer, to spend time with the rent boys. Many were charming, but many also had drug addictions. I hate to thin about Mr. Blue Eyes here succumbing to heroin, but I guess that is life in some quarters.

All right, enough rambling about blue eyes and lost boys. Have a nice Monday, friends. I’ll try to get back to sleep in a few minutes ….

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