Shirtless guys with backpacks; quiet night at Martin’s ….

backpack #10Hi, friends and readers:

I love the look of a cute guy who is wearing a backpack but no shirt. I don’t know why it looks so sexy to me, but it does, and I love the way the guy in the photo to the left here looks in his backpack and ball cap. Who could resist spending an evening with him?

I had a fine workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA this afternoon. I got a refund on my boat trailer lights from Walmart, no problem. And then I hit the supermarket for several items. Now I am home. It’s five PM and I have opened a cold bottle of beer. Now I am ready for a relaxing evening.

backpack #6Check out Mr. Slender, here to the left. Yeah, he’s skinny but I like the way he looks anyway. I actually have a friend who looks very much like the guy in nthe photo. Everybody teases him about how skinny he is, but he isĀ cute.

Right now my boyfriend is at school helping a friend with a project, so he won’t be home until around eight PM. I’ll spend some time on our observation deck in a little while, and later on I’ll get dinner started. It’s going to be a quiet evening, here on the island, and that’s okay with me. I didn’t sleep all that well last night and I will probably be ready for an early bedtime.

Oh, I’m glad you guys liked the Francisco Lachowski photos I posted this morning. He’s an incredibly sexy guy and wold love to see him in person, but I don’t really attend New York and Paris fashion shows, not my thing.

Outside it’s humid and overcast, but the wind has let up so it should be nice up on our deck. Okay, everyone have a nice Monday evening, wherever you might be.

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