Another beautiful blond guy; rainy evening on the island ….

blue-plaid-shirt #3Hi, friends and readers:

It’s pretty hard to find a guy more sexy than the one in this morning’s post, but the lad to the left comes mighty close. You can tell he likes walking around with his shirt unbuttoned to show off his abs and pectoral, and also the waistband of his briefs. It’s a pretty good look on him, don’t you think?

Well, I had a productive day. I wrote all morning. Then, after lunch, I hit the wine market. When I got home I cleaned our two bathrooms; they needed it, and after I was done I got into my running clothes, and then I ran 1-1/2 miles, here on the island. Okay, it was lightly raining and a stiff breeze blew, but I still enjoyed the run. I always feel so relaxed afterward, and I know I will sleep better tonight as a result of the exercise. It really gets your blood flowing and your lungs pumping.

Not much going on here tonight. My boyfriend will be studying and I will probably do some editing on the material I wrote this morning. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends. 🙂

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