Beautiful blond guy; muggy morning on the island ….

blond beauty #3Hi, friends and readers:

I want you to check out the guy to the left here. I believe he’s a porn actor but I don’t know his name, no have I seen any of his work, but I’d like to. 😉 Now, I generally prefer guys with dark hair and eyes, but I think Mr. Shirtless here is about as sexy a guy as they come. Beautiful hair and skin, and just the right amount of muscle. I could lick him from head to toe, and take about three hours doing it. Aye-yi-yi …. 😉

I rose at 7:45 this morning, and then I took a brisk, three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions were humid and warm down there; I actually broke a sweat during the walk, but I still enjoyed it. The Gulf was as calm as a mirror.

I spent 2-1/2 hours writing new material for my novel-in-progress which is a tale about two guys who are complete opposites, and who are traveling cross-country together in a panel van. I’m starting to really like the characters.

Since today is Tuesday I won’t be visiting the YMCA. Instead I’ll stay on the island. I need to visit the wine market and also the seafood market, and then I’ll take a 1-1/2-mile run for exercise. I also plan to get a little housework done. I don’t know how our bathrooms get so grungy so quickly but they do. 🙁

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.


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