Two more Vince Kowalski photos; disruptive day for Martin ….

vince kowalskiHi, friends and readers:

Here are two more Vince Kowalski photos I wanted to share with you  guys, and the one to the left I really like because his shirt covers up all those godawful tattoos he’s collected lately. He is a handsome guy, isn’t he?

I’ve already done my three-mile walk on the beach; it was nice down there, despite the overcast sky. Now I’m back and ready for a rather disruptive day.

My air conditioning system is twelve years old; it has reached the end of its useful life and it’s not very energy efficient, either. So today I am having it replaced with a new system that will be quieter and much more efficient. This will involve replacing both the compressor and the air handler. It’s a lot of work and the house will be full of crew members working on the project. It will be a pain, but if you live in Florida your air conditioning system is essential to enjoying life at home. We run the system about 7-8 months out of the year. So, it’s important that I have this done.

vince kowalski #4Also, my seasonal renter next door, who has been here since mid-December, is leaving today, and I will need to clean the apartment from top-to-bottom today and tomorrow, since I have new renters coming in for the month of April. They arrive tomorrow afternoon, so everything needs to be ready for them.

Somewhere along the line I’ll need to visit the supermarket to restock our cupboards and fridge for the upcoming weekend. Then tonight my boyfriend will dine out at a very nice restaurant to celebrate our sixth year of being a couple. It feels like only yesterday when we first met in person at the Tampa airport, and it has been a great six years. He’s a total sweetie. He’s smart and sexy and he has a great work ethic. I could not ask for more.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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