Sexy and slender; another busy day for Martin ….

slender #6Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, yesterday I featured photos of Vince Kowalski, who I suppose epitomizes the word “hunk”. He’s all about muscle. But hey, skinny guys can be awfully sexy too, so today I am devoting this site to slender young men, who also deserve our admiration. I think the guy to the left is beautiful. You can see a whole lot of veins in his torso and arms, which I think is pretty hot. My body was like that when I was 18-22 years old, before I packed on some muscle by lifting weights. I had a boyfriend at the time who was a professional photographer and he took a series of nude photos of me that he submitted as a project for his art degree. I wonder where those photos are now? Randy, where are you? 

My boyfriend and I had the nicest anniversary dinner last night. I had red snapper, he had grouper, and the bottle of wine we shared was delicious. It was nice having a gay server too. He was so cute. We also had our new air conditioning system installed successfully. It’s pretty amazing because it’s very efficient and fine-tuned. It feels great in here this morning.

slender #9Today is going to be another busy day for me. I won’t have time to visit the YMCA. Our winter season tenant left yesterday around one PM, and then I got busy cleaning our vacation rental apartment next door. I was over there for four hours and I still have much to do. I’m pretty much a cleanliness freak when it comes to our house, or the apartment next door. This afternoon a gay couple form upstate New York are arriving for a three-week stay, and I want everything to be perfect, so I’ll be busy over there for another few hours.

After they arrive I’ll hit the supermarket, which I never managed to visit yesterday, and then I’ll come home to take a three-mile run, here on the island.

I’m not sure what we will be up to this evening. My boyfriend mentioned going to “First Friday” in downtown St. Petersburg, which is a monthly street festival/bar crawl, but I think I’ll be too tired for that. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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