Slender guys and their cameras; breezy night on the island ….

slender #10Hi, friends and readers:

I recently posted a few photos of slender guys and someone wrote to me about them. He said, “I like me my skinny boys, mmm-hmm.”

I couldn’t agree more. Skinny guys are sexy, and if you find the right ones they can be very sensual in the bedroom. I mean, how would you like to spend an hour in the sack with Mr. Big Dick here to the left? Aye-yi-yi …

It’s been a really busy day for me because I had to finish getting our vacation rental ready for our guests who were arriving today at three PM. That included cleaning up their patio and finishing the cleaning job inside that I started yesterday.

slender #11Check out Mr. Beanie & Briefs ot the left here. I love all the wholesome photos he has on his bedroom wall, and here he is getting ready to send someone this photo. Sometimes I think all guys his age lead double lives, one in the real world, the other in the cyber world.

By the time I was finished working next door it was three PM, and after I checked them in I went to get a haircut, and then to stock our kitchen for the weekend. The supermarket was mobbed and it took me forever to shop. Fortunately, my boyfriend was home by the time I returned, and he helped me unload the car and put away the groceries.

Now it almost six PM and I am tired. I just opened a cold beer, and now I’ll spend a little time with my boyfriend before I get dinner going. Have a nice Friday night, everyone.


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