A pair of sexy wrestlers; damp night on the island ….

wrestler #4Hi, friends and readers:

When my nephew was in high school he wrestled for his school. Before that time I had ever paid attention to wrestling because my high school did not have a wrestling team. Well, I started attending my nephew’s matches and I found I really enjoyed them.

Of course part of the reason I liked the matches was seeing a lot of cute guys wearing those revealing “singlets” like the guy to the left is wearing. They leave little to the imagination. 🙂 And wrestlers are very dedicated athletes; they train hard and they usually have amazing physiques.

About fifteen years ago I had a German exchange student living with me and he befriended two members of his U.S. school’s wrestling team. They all three used to hang out at my house all the time, and I got to know the two wrestlers very well. I even attended a few of their matches.

wrestler #2Today those two wrestlers are over thirty years old, but they are still two of my very best friends; I see them all the time. They are both straight but they are completely accepting of my sexuality and my boyfriend. We go to concerts or we go out for dinner, or I have them over for a meal, and that’s what I am doing tonight: cooking dinner for one of the wrestlers and my boyfriend.

Oh, by the way, the photo to the left was selected by my readers and friends as they sexiest photo I posted in 2014. Isn’t he hot? How would you like to grapple with him? Aye-yi-yi … 😉

It rained like hell earlier today, but once the rain stopped my boyfriend and I were able to take a 1-1/2 mile run, here on the island, which felt great. Now I’m showered and ready for a fun evening. Have a great Saturday night, everyone.

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