Hot boys on boats; windy morning on the island ….

on the boat #5Hi, friends and readers:

I live on an island on Florida’s Gulf Coast, we’re surrounded by water. Everywhere you look there are boats, both commercial and pleasure craft, and on many there are young men wearing very little clothing. When a guy climbs aboard a boat his inhibitions tend to melt, and then off go the clothes. It makes for very nice viewing from our observation deck, which is only about thirty yards from the Intracoastal Waterway.

I don’t know about you, but I think Mr. Bandana to the left here is absolutely beautiful. I could spend all day on a boat with him …. 🙂

Well, our dinner last night with my wrestler friend turned out great. When it comes to fish from the Gulf you cannot beat grouper, and that’s what I served. Grouper is the “steak” of seafood in this area, and it turned out just right last night.

on the boatCheck out Mr. Cowboy Hat to the left here. Is he a babe or what? I wonder how quickly he lost his shirt when he came aboard? Yummy ….

For some reason I woke up at 1:30 this morning, totally awake. So I spent two hours editing a story until I felt sleep, and then I went back to bed. I didn’t get up until nearly eleven AM, but at least I felt rested when I did. I think I was tired from all the work I did next door on Friday and Saturday. Now it’s almost lunchtime and I a savoring a cup of coffee before I read the Sunday newspaper, a habit of mine I’ve followed ever since I was a teenager.

It’s beautiful outside, cool, sunny and breezy. We have our doors and windows open and I can hear waves slapping the shoreline down the street. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Hot boys on boats; windy morning on the island ….

  1. Hi Martin thanks for your brilliant pics. I have to wait for them because I’m on South African time. Always a nice surprize

    • Hi, Meyer:

      You are very welcome; thanks for writing. One day I hope to visit Capetown. I have a friend from there who now lives in Berlin with her husband, but she always speaks lovingly of Capetown.


      • Hi Martin

        You are quite right, Cape Town is beautiful and when you go there be sure to take your camera. We have some of the most beautiful guys in the world. My problem with Cape Town is that I live a thousand miles from there near Johannesburg. Anyway, it’s worth it visiting Cape Town

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