Nice note from a reader about my book, “Boys and Desire” ….

Boys and Desire final cover smallerHi, friends and readers:

It’s always nice when I hear from a reader who has something nice to say about something I’ve written. My four-story anthology, Boys and Desire, debuted last year, and it has sold pretty well since its release.

Yesterday I received a message from Kenneth who lives in Chicago. He said this:

“I enjoyed this book so much I finished it in one sitting; it was that good. (Okay, I took a break in the middle so I could ‘take matters into my own hands, so to speak.’ I especially liked the first story, If You Only Knew, because it was pretty damned sexy, and also because it had an element of humor in it.

“Although you described the character, Grady McNeill in pretty good detail, I wonder if you could post on your website a photo of a boy who looks like you envision Grady McNeill to appear? It would be so cool if you did.”

blue eyes #4Okay, Kenneth. The guy to the left here is exactly how I imagine Grady would look if he walked up to me on the street and spoke to me. Grady’s a bit of a rascal, and he’s not afraid to take chances in order to satisfy his somewhat kinky sexual needs. And the  guy to the left here looks like he’d be just that sort of person.

Here’s how I described Grady in the story:

“Minutes later, I met Grady at the washbasins. I told him my name and he told me his and then we shook hands. He was half a head shorter than me, slender, with wavy black hair and a dazzling smile. His lips were full and crimson, still shiny with spit. His voice had a lilt to it, a sort of musical quality, and he spoke as if we’d just passed an hour in a café.”

Thanks for writing me, Kenneth. Have a great Sunday in Chicago.

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