Beautiful boys getting horizontal; beautiful evening on the island ….

iPod boy #3Hi, friends and readers:

I love both of the photos I have posted here tonight because it seems likely to me that the guys in the photos never knew they were being photographed. I’ve always wondered exactly who took the photos, but I’ve never found out. Anyway, I think they’re pretty damned sexy. Would you agree?

skater helmetI’ve had a really nice day today. After lunch I ran my errands to prepare for my  fishing camp trip on Thursday. After I came home and put everything away, I did my stretches, and then I ran a mile-and-a-half, here on the island. The run felt great. I like everything about running: the heart-pumping, the hard breathing, and the sweating. When it was over, I took a cool-won walk, and then I sat on my back screened porch, savoring the wonderful weather we are having. We have our windows and doors open and a nice breezee is blowing through the house. It’s sunny and dry, and very quiet.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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