Sexy guys in boxer briefs; Martin’s feeling a little tired ….

boxer briefsHi, friends and readers:

After I posted this morning I got a message from a guy who said, “Yeah, boxer shorts can look okay on a cute guy, but boxer briefs look even better. They show a better bulge in front and grip the ass better.”

H-m-m-m, I suppose he has a point there, so tonight I’m posting photos of guys in boxer briefs. I don’t know who Joshue Gagnon is, but he sure looks god in those red boxer briefs he’s lowering on his right hip. What a babe …. 😉

I actually had a busy afternoon. I ran errands after lunch: gas station, wine market, seafood market. After I returned home I watered all our house plants. Then I took a 1-1/2 mile run, here on the island. The day was pretty warm, and I was still feeling the effects of my four-day fishing trip, which involved a lot of beer drinking. 🙁

boxer briefs #2After my run I changed into work clothes, and then I worked in our yard for about an hour, raking up needles that have fallen from our Norfolk Island pines and our sea grapes, and the cleaning up our patios with a leaf blower. By the time I was done and I’d put away my gardening tools I was tired. I came inside the house, and then I relaxed in the air conditioning while I worked on edits on my novel-in-progress. Then I grabbed a shower.

Now it’s about six PM and I am savoring a cold beer as I write these words. I’m preparing a shrimp pasta dish for our dinner tonight, using the fresh Gulf shrimp I bought at the market earlier today. It’s a tasty meal when teamed with a garden salad, so I’m looking forward to sharing it with my boyfriend, who is slaving away on his paper.

Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone. And if you own a pair of boxer briefs, maybe you should put them on for your boyfriend to admire. 🙂

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