Hot guys in gym shorts; beautiful Spring day on the island ….

boy on a benchHi, friends and readers:

Ever notice how sexy a young man can look when he’s wearing a pair of gym shorts, but no shirt? It’s a great look on some guys like the lad to the left here, who seems to be thinking, “I wonder why that guy with the camera is aiming his lens at me?” 

When I first lived in Tallahassee, and I attended law school, I lived right next to an athletic field on the FSU campus. All these fraternity boys would play flag football on the field, many wearing only gym shorts–no shirts. I used to enjoy gazing at them from my window, to give me a break from my studies, and I’m telling you there were some total babes out there. I wonder if college boys still play with their shirts off on that field today. I should pay it a visit sometime … 😉

blue gym shortsI was up at eight AM today, taking my three-mile walk on the beach. The Gulf was as flat as a table top. The air was cool, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as I walked on the sand barefooted.  I got back to the house about nine AM, where I ate a quick breakfast before getting to work on my novel-in-progress. My boyfriend’s at home this morning, putting the finishing touches on his term paper for school, and it’s been nice having him here today. (Come to think of it, he’s wearing gym shorts right now.) 🙂

Since today is Wednesday, I’ll be visiting the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming right after lunch. Then I have errands: Home Depot, the Wawa to buy ethanol-free gas for our boat motor, and then the supermarket. Gotta love errands ….

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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