A disturbing video clip from the Cadinot film, “Les Minets Sauvages”:

amazed #3Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t own any porn flicks now. But back in the 1980s and early 1990s, before the Internet emerged, I had a nice little collection of VCR tapes (Yes, remember them?) and then another of DVDs. One film I always thought both provocative and sensual was Les Minets Sauvages directed by Jean-Daniel Cadinot, a prolific gay porn film director from France, now deceased.Translated, I believe the title means “The Little Savages”, certainly an apt title for this dark little tale. But when sold in the U.S., the film’s title was “Tough and Tender.” Well ….

In the film, a frail and rather innocent lad is brought to a boys’ reformatory, in the French countryside. He must sleep in a bunk bed, in the same room as a half-dozen other boys.

When lights are out, the other boys have their way with the new lad. The brutal scene will make you squirm. One assailant is played by the young man featured in the film poster at left, Jonathan Levy, a hot boy in his day.

Look at those cruel eyes. I wonder where he is now?

I would not recommend this film for the squeamish if, indeed, it’s even available for purchase any longer. But if you have a strong stomach, it’s a fairly interesting film to watch a few times. Have twenty years passed since I bought that VCR tape?

Aye-yi-yi …. Where did all those years go?

Anyway, I came across a link that will enable you to view the scene in the movie that I described above. Here it is for those of you over the age of eighteen ….



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